A Good Church Teaches and Treasures the Word of God

It's hard to change the culture in churches that are used to feel good sermons. I heard a story of an "evangelist" filling in for a young Pastor who had only been at the church for about a year. The Pastor was on vacation and received a phone call from a member telling him that the supply preacher didn't even read from the Bible. The member told the Pastor that the supply preacher just talked about himself and praised other people in the congregation and finished the service with an altar call without even presenting the Gospel. The Pastor got back from vacation and asked the fill in about the lack of Scripture and the reply was "I just got carried away and forgot." The Pastor didn't last much longer at the church and the fill in took a leadership position within the church.

It's important to be in a church that actually teaches the Bible. Because a good church is one that treasures the Word of God and does not get "carried away and forget" the reason we gather.